Природные органические холодильники

Environmental advantages

The exhaustion of our planet’s natural resources and the damage of the environment is widely discussed in society. In this context two aspects are at the center of attention:
a) the damaging of the atmosphere and especially the ozone layer as well as
b) many factors leading to global warming.

Refrigerants play a major role in this problem as they significantly contribute to both aspects. Our products are completely sustainable: they do not contain chlorine or fluorine, which are considered as the most harmful substances for the environment by the Montreal and Kyoto protocols. Our products are considered ecological as they have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of Zero.

The advantages of our products related to this are:
  • Our products do not at all harm or destroy the ozone layer
  • Our products do not at all contribute to the global warming
  • Our products are completely harmless to human beings
  • Cheaper than other type gases like CFC’s, HFC’s and HCFC’s

Economical and technical advantages

The increased need for energy in today’s world is putting huge pressure on resources and in turn has led to a constant increase in the cost of energy. This trend will obviously even accelerate in the near future and drive energy cost to unprecedented levels.

Our products can decrease electric power consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment up to 40%.

In this respect our products offer considerable advantages like:
  • Electrical energy savings of 15-40%
  • Increased of lifetime of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • Fully compatible with existing equipment, i.e. no need for exchanging any components
  • Substitution allows the revision of the setup.
  • Higher Resistance to humidity. No acids are formed due to water and humidity
  • Special technology that provides optimal lubrication for new and existing compressors