Stop leak / Oil charge

Eco-Freeze Stop Leak

eco freeze stop leakMany leaks in the automotive air conditioner occur within the o-rings and seal areas. As o-rings and seals age, the materials begin to shrink, dry and crack. Deterioral tendency of rubber and the heat from the engine exacerbates the deterioration. 
Each and every year it is common to replace the lost refrigerant that leaks out . This procedure is very costly, annoying and leaking systems also affects to our environment with global warming. 
Finally... a way to minimize these costly repairs to your air conditioning system. Stop Leak is a formula of additives developed to restore and recondition the rubber and silicone seal, and o-rings.
The product will coat the seals and o-rings making them reliable again. after treatment, a swelling will also be noted within the seals and o-rings therefore eliminating most common refrigerant leaks.
ECO FREEZE STOP LEAK is the most economical solution to this problem. It saves you TIME & MONEY. ECO FREEZE STOP LEAK is easy to use, installs in minutes and seals in seconds. It can be used in most a/c systems such as R134a, R407,R404 ,R12, R22, R502, HCR, ect... and is compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants including metal components, mineral and synthetic (Ester and PAG) lubricants, seals, gaskets, hoses, compressors, and o-rings.
One 150ml can contains enough stop leak to repair the o-rings and seals in a 750 to 1000ml a/c system. Larger charges are available on request.